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. It is a simplified and structured visual representation of concepts, ideas, constructions, relations, statistical data, anatomy etc. Diagram definition, a figure, usually consisting of a line drawing, made to accompany and illustrate a geometrical theorem, mathematical demonstration, etc.

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A diagram is a simple drawing which consists mainly of lines and is used, for example ,. Structure diagrams and behavioral diagrams. Diagram using definition in english dictionary, diagram using meaning, synonyms, see also 'argand diagram',block diagram',butterfly diagram',chromaticity 3 to show in or as if in a diagram (c17:

There are two main categories;

| meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. However, the creation and use of a schedule network diagram are similar for. Er diagrams are composed of entities, relationships and attributes. A diagram template has configuration properties that define the network elements allowed in diagrams (diagram rule and layout definitions) and the presentation (diagram layer definition) of network diagrams that will be generated.

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