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. In order theory, a hasse diagram (/ˈhæsə/; ˈhasə) is a type of mathematical diagram used to represent a finite partially ordered set, in the form of a drawing of its transitive reduction.

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In section 2.4 we called such a linear extension a topological sorting. Topological sort how many topological orderings possible? Topological sort can sequence tasks while respecting all sequence constraints without any conflict.

Hasse diagram(skip this section if you already know what is hasse diagram, please directly go to next section) each node of the diagram is an element of the poset, and if two elements x and y are connected by a line then x ⊆ y or y ⊆ x.

For example, calculating values in a spreadsheet. Use topological sort to compute a valid linear order of the elements for the following hasse diagram delete $h$ and its outgoing edges from the hasse diagram; Figure 8 hasse diagrams of three posets. Transcribed image text from this question.

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